Blog Action Day – Food

Today is Blog Action Day, a day on which bloggers all around the world focus on a single topic in order to raise awareness. This year the topic is food which is particularly prescient for us as Oxfam is in the midst of the Grow campaign which aims to highlight the problems with the global food system.

One focus of the current campaign is the issue of land grabs in which commercial companies buy cheap agricultural land which is being used by poor families to grow food. When the land is bought the families are forcibly evicted without warning or compensation. The land is either left idle by investors who know it will only grow in value, or used in ways that reduce food production.

Thanks to these land grabs in Uganda, 22,500 people have lost their homes (and the land they need to produce food and an income). Many of these people have been left destitute and over the past week they have reported intimidation and harrassment by the company responsible for their situation, the New Forests Company. We need people to email the chairman of New Forests Company so that they realise that treating people like this is unacceptable. If you do nothing else today, click here, send the email, make a difference.


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