World Food Day

Flomena Aslkon, 14, holding a days worth of food in the plam of her hands.Have you ever wondered what food means to people across the world? Today is an ideal time to start.

The rising cost of food is having a massive impact on peoples all over the world and sadly it is bringing us to the verge of a major humanitarian crisis. According to the World Bank in 2010 – 2011 rising food costs pushed 70 million in to poverty and sadly there are now up to 1 billion people who live on the edge of poverty in 30 different countries and are at risk of food shortages and hunger.

These people may seem so far away but rising food prices hit a lot closer to home than you may realise. A recent study commissioned by Oxfam Cymru showed that 7% of low income Welsh parents are skipping meals altogether so their children can eat while a fifth have to feed their families lower quality food.

So please take some time today to think about this and visit the Oxfam website to find out more on how the global food system is causing problems in both the developing and developed world.

Thank you.


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