Just as everyone is recovering from seeing tinsel and baubles in every shop window up and down the high road (lots of snowflake decorations this year, we noticed), we’ve got our Valentine’s stuff up. Anyone who had even a passing acquaintance with our Christmas decor will know how much we love cutting up coloured paper here in Oxfam Balham and this is reflected with our slightly bonkers hearts.

But we’re mavericks in our shop (play by our own rules etc. etc.) and we don’t feel that Valentine’s should be restricted to people who are in love in the traditional sense. We want to shout about our love of books! Let’s face it books never change, they’re always there when you need them and if you buy any from us they come with the special magic ability to change the world (by helping us alleviate poverty and suffering).

If you want to know more about the books we think are brilliant have a scroll through our blog and look for  the ‘A book I love’ posts. Hopefully we’ll have some more up before Tuesday!


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