We’re looking for an event intern!

In June we will have been open for a year and in July we will be celebrating Oxfam’s annual Book Fest. For both of these we want to do something exciting but we don’t know what! This is where you come in. We’re looking for someone who can come up with plans for things that we can do during this time to promote our shop and raise money for Oxfam.

This is an excellent way to get experience in organising and promoting events as well as gaining a unique insight into the way that an Oxfam bookshop can work. So if you’re bored with your day job (or looking for one) and you fancy spending your spare time putting ideas into practice and creating something special (and world-changing), get in touch.

Most of all we’re looking for someone with lots of ideas and the ability to see these through independently (practical support can be offered from our existing volunteer team). A love of books and familiarity with Balham would also be great.

If you’re interested or you’re feeling a bit doubtful and you want some reassurance give Zoë a ring on 020 7726816 or drop her an email at oxfamshopf4687@oxfam.org.uk.

You will be asked to fill out our standard volunteer application form and then come in for a chat.

Due to some technical issues I’m currently unable to link to our application form so it’s best if you email and we’ll send you a copy (or pick one up from your local Oxfam shop!).


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