August book group

It’s sunny (for now),the TV schedules are about to be obliterated by the Olympics and, if Transport for London are to be believed, leaving the house will be nigh-on impossible for the next four weeks. To me, this sounds like a perfect recipe for sprawling on Wandsworth (or Tooting) Common with a book. And what better book that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, one of the first novels to adopt a science fiction theme.  Subtitled The Modern Prometheus, this is a book which is often misunderstood and has had such a mythology created around it that the book itself is a victim of being too well-known without being that widely read. It should be fun to return to the original source of such a pervasive story.

We’ll be meeting to discuss Frankenstein on Wednesday 15th August at 7.30pm in the shop.

Tea and coffee will be provided but you fancy something a little stronger, bring your own.

We don’t require any committment so if you don’t fancy this book or you’re not available on the thirteenth you can always come next time.

Questions and suggestions for our next book are always welcome.


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