September book group

File:HeartOfTheMatter.JPGLast book group ended with the frank admission that no-one had any ideas for what to read next so after we made a few rules about gender (male author) and era (modern) we landed on Graham Greene and The Heart of the Matter which oddly ties into our previous choice The Poisonwood Bible with its themes of colonialism and religion.  According to Wikipedia it has been included in a list of the 100 greatest novels of the 20th century so it’s definitely worth reading!

We’ll be meeting to discuss The Heart of the Matter on Wednesday 19th of Septembert at 7.30pm in the shop.

Tea and coffee will be provided but you fancy something a little stronger, bring your own.

We don’t require any committment so if you don’t fancy this book or you’re not available this month you can always come next time.

Questions and suggestions for our next book are always welcome.


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