Book-based Advent Calendar!

Kitten card

It’s that time of year again when it’s too cold to get out of bed and all the shops start to fill with tinsel and the same, endlessly-looped festive music and we’ve decided to get in the spirit and countdown to Christmas properly. Last year at Christmas over a million ereaders were given as presents and while there’s nothing wrong the enormous boom in people reading off a screen there is something about actual physical books that cannot (yet) be captured by Amazon and it’s ilk. Partly it’s just the pleasure of feeling the paper and turning the pages but it’s also the smell of old books and the look of illustrations and the odd moments of discovery of things that haven’t migrated to the digital era. So in the run up to Christmas we’re aiming to celebrate some of these things by featuring here some of the more unusual books (and book-based items) that we think make these artefacts so pleasurable. Hopefully this will work like a proper advent calendar and we’ll be able to post one book per day (and if not we’ll just be posting pictures of kittens that we found on the internet!).

Happy Advent!


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