21st of December: Baker Cat

There was once a cat who belonged to a mean old baker and his wife…

This cat does all the work in the bakery but reaps none of the rewards of his toil (even though he is clearly a very skilled cat!). However, because he is so poorly treated during the day he is too tired at night to successfully kill any mice. It is only when he kills mice that he gets fed by the baker and his wife. The cat becomes more disillusioned and ill as a result of his treatment.


The mice, acting on compassionate grounds, decide that regime change is in order. The cat and the mice form an alliance with the common goal of improving working conditions for the cat. Even though this is in conflict with the cat’s natural instincts. The mice and the cat benefit from persuading the baker that mice are being killed when they are not.


Without the oppression of the cat the mice are unrestricted in their behaviour and allow their natural greed to take over. The cat discovers that they have decimated the bakery’s store cupboard. This enrages the baker and the mice (and the cat) are forced to devise a way of over-throwing the baker’s tyranny. The cat and the mice are left in charge. The final page hints that the cat’s administration will be characterised by violence…


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