The Questionable Reliability of the Publication


One of our volunteers discusses one of my favourite ever donations on her terribly intellectual blog:

Call me old-fashioned but to me there is nothing like a good book, personally a text document on paper beats a website or blog hands down.  There is something authentic about it, something the Internet lacks, something a kindle lacks and whatnot.  Because of this people can be very easily deceived, they are under the illusion that something published on paper is viable, reliable and incidentally true.  I work in a charity bookshop and once came across a hardback book titled something like ‘women in trousers’; when I saw the title I was immediately intrigued however not for long…. After opening the book I saw that the content consisted of various photographs of women in trousers followed by rude, sexist and sarcastic remarks, in my state of horror I decided to look up the book online- largely as I was perplexed as to how on earth this book got published.  After trawling the web for some kind of explanation I discovered that this book was self published (it had even been signed by the author!) I could only conclude that some sexist and chauvinistic man had the deluded thought that his horrific opinion of women should be shared with the world.  Anyway this is beside the point, what I am demonstrating is that the belief that because something is published it is a viable is totally untrue.


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