Enough Food If…

IFFood, there’s not really enough to go around is there? One billion people go to bed hungry every night and over two million children die from malnutrition every year which must mean that there isn’t enough for everyone to be able to eat properly, right? Wrong. There could be enough food for everyone if we started prioritising fairness over profit and waste. This doesn’t only apply to people living in developing countries but to people in this country as well. With benefits being frozen and inflation pushing food prices really high it is becoming harder than ever for families to get enough food. Oxfam are currently part of a coalition of charities and faith groups campaigning for more equality in the global food system. This campaign is called ‘Enough Food IF’ and one of the key arguments is that huge international food companies need to be brought to account and made to pay their fair share of tax. This will ensure that our government has more money to put into the welfare system to help the poorest in our country and more money to put into the aid budget to help people all around the world.

What we want the UK government to do about tax:

  1. The UK Government should help ensure that developing countries can raise enough from taxes to tackle hunger and build a more secure food system by introducing a requirement in its Finance Bill for UK companies and wealthy individuals to report their use of tax schemes that have an impact on developing countries.
  2. When such tax schemes are identified, the UK should use its current powers to notify the tax authorities of developing countries and assist in the recovery of the money they’re owed.
  3. The UK should use its presidency of the G8 to launch a Convention on Tax Transparency. Under this Convention, countries would commit to preventing individuals and companies from hiding wealth so that it’s untraceable, tax havens would be required to share with developing countries any important information on hidden wealth and assets, and developing countries would receive assistance in recovering taxes due to them.

If you want to support the IF campaign there are loads of ways to help but you can start by signing up on the snazzy website and by picking up one of the IF wristbands that we have for sale in the shop.


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