Book Bugs – the aftermath

BookBugsThe first week of April was a chaotic one for us. Not only were we all recovering from over-indulging at Easter, we were thrust into a new financial year (with all the boring organising that entails) and we were running Oxfam Book Bugs, our first attempt at a children’s book festival.  I say ‘we’ but really the vast majority was being done by our lovely volunteer, Charlotte, whose idea Book Bugs was.


The events themselves were great fun (and I’m sure the kids who came enjoyed them as well) and it was lovely to see authors (and other creative types) give their time and enthusiasm so willingly. Of course the most important thing to us was the money that we raised as we are now able to help more children around the world who don’t have access to things like education and reading materials. And thanks to the wonderful Angelica Tales we also have a fridge full of green jelly! We can’t wait to get planning for similar things next year…


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