6th of May Bank Holiday

Tit2On Monday we’re planning to be open from 11am  until at least 4pm (if we have customers we will remain open until 6). If you are planning to bring donations after 4pm, please ring to check that we’re still open.

In the meantime we’ve got the most lovely copy of Tom Tit by Ismay Thorn. The cover is a slightly garish turquoise with a red, blue and gilt  illustration. It is the internal illustrations, however, that really make this book. They are drawn by M. Irwin (who the internet suggests may be Madelaine Irwin) and feature little events in the lives of the family in the book. They are incredibly simple but wonderfully suggestive of childhood and an earlier time. Although this book is out of copyright and available very cheap from a variety of sources but there is nothing quite like the paper and card version!



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