Thunderball by Ian Fleming. First Edition

ThunderballThunderball, Ian Fleming’s eighth full-length Bond novel, published in March 1961, arrived on the back of huge controversy.

Borne out of original plans for a 007 movie in 1958 Thunderball was initially written as a collaborative script. Fleming, however, worked the tale of a nuclear weapon blackmail plot, conducted by SPECTRE, into a novel in 1960.

Publication of the book led to a three-week High Court trial in 1963, during which an unwell Fleming agreed to hand over the film rights of the original screenplay to co-writers Kevin McClory and Jack Whittingham.

As a novel, Thunderball is a landmark in the Bond canon. It introduces classic villain Blofeld for the first time and departs from the Cold War rhetoric of the Russian-backed SMERSH organisation to the more malevolent, criminally-minded SPECTRE.

Adapted for the screen in 1965 and featuring a lung-busting theme tune from Tom Jones, Thunderball is a tense, classic thriller.

This is a first edition, replete with the embossed skeletal hand on the cover. A must-have for any Bond fanatic.


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