Some exciting vinyl finds

Our vinyl section is having a makeover. While we’re still selling classic albums (and the odd Status Quo complilation), alongside a whole heap of classical releases, we’ve recently had some amazing donations which have got our resident analogue geeks a tad over-excited.

Two things really stand out. First up is Laugh Now, a limited edition 12” EP by DJ DM. That name may not ring any bells, but this rare release is allegedly by renowned super-producer Dangermouse.

However, the most exciting thing about the record is its artwork. Front and back covers are both designed by Banksy. Three versions were released in 2008: one with a gold cover; one silver; and one bronze. 1,000 copies of each were pressed.

The copy we’ve got for sale is a bronze edition, numbered 225 of 1,000. It’ll set you back £40. The perfect Christmas present for vinyl junkies or Bansky fanatics.

The other collector’s item is a copy of seminal Welsh indie-punk band Mclusky’s 2002 album, Mclusky do Dallas. This isn’t the Record Store Day 2012 re-press, but an original copy on black vinyl. It’s in absolute mint condition too. We’ve got it priced at £40.

We’ve also got a pile of brand new 12” singles from Ministry of Sound. But if those don’t do it for you, that Quo album is going cheap.


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