December Book Group!

HateshipWe’re reading a Nobel prize winner this month (not Kissinger’s biography you’ll be relieved to hear). The author is Alice Munro and the book is Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage which is a collection of short stories. The general feeling is that it won’t be necessary to read all the stories but so long as everyone has read some of them we’ll make a go of it. I would reccomend at least reading the title story (which, along with The Bear Came Over The Mountain, has been made into a film).

From the blurb:

In these stories lives come into focus through single events or sudden memories which bring the past bubbling to the surface. The past, as Alice Munro’s characters discover, is made up not only of what is remembered, but also what isn’t. The past is there, just out of the picture, but if memories haven’t been savoured, recalled in the mind and boxed away, it’s as if they have never been – until a moment when the pieces of the jigsaw re-form suddenly, sometimes pleasurably but more often painfully. Women look back at their young selves, at first marriages made when they were naive and trusting, at husbands and their difficult, demanding little ways.

We’ll be meeting at 7.30pm on the 5th of December. Tea and coffee will be provided but you fancy something a little stronger please bring your own.

We don’t require any commitment so if you don’t fancy this book or you’re not available this month you can always come next time.

Questions and suggestions for our next book are always welcome.


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