6th of December: Hunter S. Thompson

I am a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson. It seems as though you are either a fan of his Gonzo style of writing or you are not. If you’re new to his work I would suggest starting with Hell’s Angels as this much more in a straight journalistic style and doesn’t require as much prior knowledge as the more political books. If, however, you’re already an established fan then The Kitchen Readings is for you.  This is a collection of writings from Thompson’s friends Michael Cleverly and Bob Braudis about their memories of him. There are many highlights including showing the local mayor’s wife and daughter a pornographic video by accident:

“Having worked the mayor’s daughter into a fever of anticipation, Hunter hit the remote. The room fell silent. Silent except for the peak volume sounds of the hard-core porno film that appeared on the enormous TV screen. There’s something about the audio track of a top-drawer porno film that, when played at high volume is even more obscene than the visuals. Of course the visuals were pretty good too. Wrong tape. An easy mistake. There were plenty of tapes lying around in front of the TV. God knows what else was in there. Pandemonium ensued.”Hunter


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