12th of December: Quentin Quatermain

We see a lot of books coming through our little shop. Most of them are to be expected, the Bill Brysons, Hilary Mantels and enough Dan Brown to stock the shop twice over, but every so often something appears that is a little out of the ordinary. The Rain On My Face by Quentin Quartermain is just such a book. As I haven’t read it I can’t tell you much about this novel set in North Norfolk (Amazon has reviews, though) but I will quote the author’s biography:

“Quentin Quartermain lives on the North Norfolk coast. Like many people in the area, he had an unorthodox career before settling there in 1994. After taking a degree at Cambridge University he worked in 41 countries writing books on the Middle East and Africa, and articles for the UK government.

Life was sometimes hazardous in the Middle East. He was banned entry to Ethiopia and Oman, witnessed beheadings in Jeddah, was swindled by a Damascus black marketeer, flew into a war between Pakistan and India, photographed bin Ladin and interviewed his father.

Later he took advantage of the Arab oil price rise in 1973 to sign a $50 million contract with the Shah’s Iran. He invented a new form of expert trade from Australia to the Middle East, converted two oil tankers and spent $2 million suing Arab infringers of it. This attracted some opposition. He narrowly avoided assassination in a South Kensington mews by Libyans and imprisonment by the secret police of Iran and Libya.”

It goes on but you will have to buy it to read the rest!Quentin


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