August Book Group!

LinksThis month we’re reading something a little different (although after graphic novels and poetry we are back to straight fiction) with the Somalian author Nuruddin Farah. Although he is not well-known in this country, his novels have received wide international acclaim including the Neustadt International Prize for Literature.We are going to be reading his novel Links which is the first part of his most recent trilogy. Links is about a Somalian man, Jeebleh, returning from a twenty year exile in America (Farah himself was in exile for a long time). Jeebleh is thrown back into the violent world of Mogadishu and finds himself confronting the demons of his past that led to his imprisonment and exile.

We’ll be meeting in the shop at 7.30pm on Thursday the 21st of August. Tea and coffee will be provided but you fancy something a little stronger please bring your own.

We don’t require any commitment so if you don’t fancy this book or you’re not available this month you can always come next time.

Questions and suggestions for our next book are always welcome.



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