Hunger and inequality


Inequality is an easy thing to be against and a hard thing to prevent. All over the world there is a growing gap between the diets of rich people and people.  Food sources are becoming increasingly unstable* and this means that the poorest people, those who are growing their own food and living hand to mouth, are suffering while the richest can afford to be prepared. This is not an isolated situation and what is required is widespread, systemic change. Governments need to take control of inequality as an issue and ensure that global food companies are brought to account with taxation and legislation that prevents them exploiting the poor in order to line the pockets of the rich. In this country poor people are increasingly relying on food banks.The ability to put food on the table should never be seen as a luxury that is out of reach of the poorest in any country, let alone our own.

Taking South Sudan as an example, it is clear how food quickly becomes a huge problem when an area is politically unstable. More than two million people are facing severe food insecurity in South Sudan. Famine has been narrowly avoided in 2014. As the dry season begins, the brutal conflict that provoked this disaster is about to get worse. Without an end to the fighting – and unless more aid can be delivered to those who need it – famine remains a serious threat in 2015. By committing to more vigorous diplomacy and swift action, the world has the chance to prevent that.

Help Oxfam promote equality and help the poorest people in the world create sustainable livelihoods for themselves.


* Due to our changing climate and companies forcing farmers out.


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