1st of December: Flood

This print is taken from “In The Beginning” Said Great Aunt Jane by Helen Bradley. The copy this picture is from was published in 1975. 1st

Once when I must have eaten too much tea I dreamed that it rained and rained until the Square in Lees was a lake with little waves. “Oh, Grandma, what shall we do?” I asked. “Well, my dear,” said Grandma, “don’t you remember God promised there would never be another Flood? We’ve just had a bad storm and the drains won’t take all the water. We’ll have to get our kitchen tables.” We up-ended all we could get and launched them like boats. Willie Murgatroyd tied the table-cloth to the legs of their table; it made a splendid sail. And he brought his fishing rod and fished. Mr and Mrs Smith brought their little round table and sat eating their tea, and Mrs Hope-Ainsworth and Bertie and Nellie and the dog floated along on their red sofa, which Aunt Mary said would get damp. then the rain stopped and the water drained away: it had been fun.


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