Balham Buskathon and our week-long ‘music festival’

The Oxjam Balham Buskathon

Oxjam shop bannerIf you’ve walked along Balham High Road since Friday you’ll no doubt have spotted the glorious pink Oxjam banner hanging outside the shop. Saturday’s Balham Buskathon (I love the alliteration) will be happening 12pm – 4pm. Horay!

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Balham Buskathon logoThe wonderful people of Clapham Oxjam, who have put so much effort into organising this event, are always looking for volunteers: see last week’s post for more information on how you can help out.

12th – 19th September: our in-house ‘music festival’

12th – 19th September will be our music week. Live music will kick things off at the Buskathon, followed by a whole week where we’ll be pulling out the stops and selling a smorgasbord of music histories, biographies, DVD’s, CD’s, and vinyl. If you can’t wait until then, pop into the shop and browse our music sections.

– Jenny


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