How can it be too soon for Christmas?

christmas display 1christmas displaychristmas display 2

This Saturday two of our marvelous volunteers Tilly and Nadia put up our festive fare display in the bookshop. These includes great gifts and sweet treats from Oxfam’s range of fair-trade, ethically made and sourced products. Which is ticking all kinds of excellent Oxfam Values Boxes.

I have been volunteering, and then working for Oxfam for a long time, and I have filled up many of shelf of Christmas Cards in my time. The sun is shining and I am thinking about Christmas. But why do we put them out so early? Why does everyone?

Well, we are a shop same as everyone else, and so we follow the trend. People really do start Christmas shopping in September – I am one of them, I am so sorry! – but it balances out the costs; and if you are sending parcels abroad they may need to be sent off months before the 25th of December.

Also, our festive fare is not just for Christmas, as the BBC’s Bake Off ends for another year our Ethical Cake Stands and Cake Tins are the perfect incentive to keep that housemate, partner or Dad baking. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is but a tiny chocolate penguin will bring a smile to any new PHD Students face as they realize just what they started last month. A bad day at work made easier by one of our slightly too good ginger thins.

So, Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy Halloween (look out for our glorious batty window) but no matter what the time of year – a gift is always worth giving and ours doubly so as well, they also give back.

Peace and Love,


Shop Manager


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