‘We Don’t Read Pulp’ The Balham Book Group

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It goes without saying that Oxfam Balham is run by book-lovers, staff and volunteers alike. One of the first questions we ask a new volunteer is ‘So, what do you read?’ In 2011 the previous manager, Zoe started a Book Group for local people and for volunteers and it is still going strong four years later. Every month we have a couple of hours in the shop, from about 7:30pm and meet to talk about a book.

There is a huge online presence, emails zip to and from members, with the shop being an anchor and because of this it can be very flexible.

‘Its very democratic, we take turns to choose books and don’t read anything that someone has read already. At least not anything we’ve read recently.’

The group consists of avid readers, people that do get through a book in a month. And the variety is impressive. ‘There is so much out there!’ Says one volunteer. ‘We never struggle to find something to read.’

What is interesting is how different people react to different books. One person always loves it, and another doesn’t. We have found books that have stayed with the whole group for months since, you recommend it to others, to everyone to you meet, and that is a great feeling.

One of the best things about a book group is the community feel. It is fun to meet new people, new characters, and new authors. We have a cup of tea and cake and fun.

Join our book group!

Our next book group is 18th November, The Book is The Great Fire by Shirley Hazzard.

There will be no meeting in December, due to the festivities, but check out our blog for upcoming meetings

We meet at 7.30pm in the Oxfam shop (166 Balham High Road, SW12 9BW.)

If you have any questions give us a call on 020 8772 6816 or visit oxfambalham.wordpress.com

Peace and Love,



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